Greenwheel Solutions was started by a group of friends who all worked in Sustainability. The tools were there to create a better world but something was lacking.

We recycle cardboard and paper which saves trees but we aren’t replacing them.

We know it takes approx. 19 trees to make 1 ton of cardboard so partnering up with Greenwheel solutions not only will you save 19 trees but plant native trees on your behalf.


Free collection of baled recycling

Native tree planting on your companies behalf for every bale collected

 Supply of quality baling twine and strapping via our E-store


Waste collection cost reduction via recycling diversion and service costs

Supply and scheduled servicing of waste and recycling equipment 

Bin and Chute Cleaning is also available  


  1. Reduce landfill and increase Recycling

  2. Reduce business costs
  3. Increase business sustainability
  4. Help lower greenhouse emission and save trees

What every reason you have, when you partner with us we will give you the ability and tools to succeed.

Contact us today and help us plant a forest

1300 289 894 

Free Carboard collections planting trees